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Best Camera Bag for Travel

You’ve got a great camera, but which bag suits your needs best?

I spent years looking for the best camera bag for travel, and I finally found it!

For this type of purchase there are likely two style preferences, there are those that like backpacks (for carrying several lenses) and those that prefer shoulder bags (which fit less lenses, but allow easier access to them).  Lowepro offers some of the best bags on the market and they have a model that will suit nearly every photographer’s needs.  There are versions of the bags that even have slots for additional electronics such as a laptop or ipad.

Here are my favorites: 

 – the shoulder bag is extremely versatile, and can be worn on your front when you are wearing a larger pack on your back (in my case while I backpack around the world).  Inside the bag there are compartments for your extra batteries, SIM cards, cords, etc., a larger insert (that can be removed) which holds up to 3 lenses and a camera body, and a compression zipper that allows you to easily transform the bag between the two potential sizes.  Even when the camera carrying insert is inside the bag, you still have plenty of room to fit additional items, and there are three pockets on the exterior of the bag as well, so you can be creative with your organization.

If you are set on getting a backpack instead – I would opt for the backpack above. Again, extreme versatility, just this one has two shoulder straps and is on your back of course…

I’ve had my bag now for years and taken it to a few dozen countries, so I can additionally attest to its durability.  The bag shows almost no wear at all and it has kept my camera safe and secure in even the most unimaginable situations (I do travel to quite a few third world nations and when I am there opt for local transport).

Hope this helps you determine the best camera bag to bring with you on your next excursion, whether it be in a local park or on a journey to the other side of the world!

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  • Reply Bag Question... November 25, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Just stumbled across this while researching a new camera bag for my husband for Christmas – he’s a pro-photographer and has tried out so many over the years, going from small to large as he’s become more successful and gathered more gear, but now he’s well established he wants to reduce his load again for certain types of assignments. It’s impossible when he does portraits (and uses lights) and restaurant shoots (and has to take large reflectors etc) but for street life, markets, temples (we live in Cambodia), he’s keen to go small again. He is currently using a Crumpler shoulder bag for those purposes, and has always been a huge fan of Lowepro, so I’m considering going for the shoulder bag above. Do you find it holds enough if you’re shooting in the streets? Or do you wish you had just that little bit more space?

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