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Celebrity Status – ever wondered what it feels like?

Take a trip to any part of the world where you are the minority.

We’re talking an extreme minority. When you are the only westerner in a town, nearly every local becomes paparazzi and you are the target of their smartphone camera…

Of course I understand we are a sight they don’t expect or commonly encounter, but the constant picture taking is still something that takes adjusting to get used to.  David used to be a paid model for some big names like Coca Cola, so he likes being on film and has had not even a second thought on the subject.  For a normal person, like myself, it can certainly confuse you, make you uncomfortable at times and/or take you by surprise.

Are you always camera ready? Happy to be the center of attention? Then you are in luck, and will probably love this experience.

For those of you that like to be behind the camera, loosen up a little, it’s likely that locals will want pictures of and with you. It makes them happy and takes almost time, so if you can handle it, let it happen 🙂

You can even learn to have fun with it and get excited that most everyone is happy to see you and would like to remember the moment! Those that express interest in pictures will be equally excited to get in your pics, so if you want them for your collection, just ask.

After all this I have to say, celebs must get exhausted always being in the spotlight. It does feel somewhat odd always being watched and pointed at. I’m learning to smile and just say hello, but it took me a little getting used to and still takes me by surprise at times 🙂

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