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Communicating from Across the World

How to communicate with people back home without breaking the bank

With the rise of diversified communication technologies, there are many options to communicate.

Ok then, of what’s out there, what are the best options?

This depends entirely on what you are traveling with.


For regular communication we love to use iMessage and Messenger.

To post we love to share life through instagram and SnapChat. It helps people experience what you’re actually doing and is a great way to keep up to date with your friends.

If you have a smartphone in hand your best communication companions are:

For work:

  1. Messenger – Facebook messenger is so easy, just because everyone has facebook. It also works in your browser with no have to download anything, though the mobile app is great – You can communicate with groups easily
  2. Google Hangout – great way to have face to face calls with your friends and family
  3. WhatsApp – Both Desktop and Mobile App available – (owned by facebook. Awesome app, but your friends need to have the app on their device) – You can communicate with groups easily
  4. Viber – Great for making phone calls
  5. Skype – Great for calls and videos (many people have skype)
  6. Slack – Great for team communication. This works while traveling, if you already use it for work, it works all over.

For friends and family:

  1. Keep in touch by sharing things you’re doing with instagram and snapchat
  2. Have calls using
    1. Messenger – Facebook based communication tool
    2. iMessage/FaceTime – native app within your mac products
    3. Google Hangout – A little less intuitive than Messenger. Works with gmail accounts.
    4. Google Voice – Great because it is connected to your personal US phone number. Great for sending SMS to other US numbers. Requires you to use a phone to make calls. You also have to pay for calls outside US (like skype)
  3. Sometimes these work better internationally
    1. Viber – (Asia, Europe, Africa)
    2. Skype – Both Desktop and Mobile App available
    3. Wechat – (Asia)
    4. Telegram (great everywhere – mobile only)

We use iMessage/Facetime daily for sending texts and face to face calls.  Slack for work communication. Snapchat and instagram to stay looped in on our friends lives and help them see what we’re doing.

I’d say we use all the apps at least once per week, if one doesn’t work we try something else.


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