Do Not Miss Lists

Danielle’s DNM List (aka Bucket List)

Do Not Miss Lists can serve any number of purposes – what not to miss when traveling to a city or country, what not to miss when packing, what not to miss when planning – or in this case, what not to miss before I die. As I complete the items, they will become italicized.  I’ve had this list for some time, so I have already gotten around to a good number on the list 🙂

Danielle’s DNM List – aka Bucket List (Top 100):

  1. Skydive over water
  2. Paraglide in the mountains
  3. Bungee jump
  4. Master another cuisine abroad
  5. Write a book
  6. Conquer Mt Hua, the deadliest hike in the world – watch our video here
  7. Swim with dolphins
  8. Go cliff diving
  9. Cage dive with great whites
  10. Snorkel a coral reef
  11. Ride in a glass bottom boat
  12. Sleep in an underwater hotel
  13. Spend the night in a tree-hanging tent
  14. Build a tech startup
  15. Significantly improve the life of another
  16. Become fluent in another language
  17. Teach a child to read
  18. Volunteer abroad at an orphanage or school
  19. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  20. Visit the Galapagos islands
  21. Go on an African Safari
  22. See the big 5
  23. Master the art of photography
  24. Learn to play guitar
  25. See the pyramids of Giza
  26. Visit the holy land
  27. Put a note in the Wailing Wall
  28. Hike on the Great Wall
  29. See the northern lights
  30. Have a bottle of wine under the Eiffel Tower
  31. Tour the Coliseum
  32. Visit 50 countries before the age of 30
  33. Graduate from a top 25 university
  34. Buy and renovate a home
  35. Ride an elephant bare back
  36. Kiss a giraffe
  37. Fall asleep under the open sky after star gazing
  38. Camp on Ngorongoro crater
  39. Visit the Grand Canyon
  40. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  41. Inspire others to break the mold and define their own path
  42. Hike the Bee Hive in Acadia National Park
  43. Watch the tides at Bay of Fundy
  44. Explore Antelope Canyon
  45. Catch the migrations on the Serengeti plains
  46. Take a long boat to a remote island
  47. Find internal peace and happiness
  48. Venture outside of my comfort zone and experience true fear
  49. Spend quality time with big cats
  50. Contribute to a grassroots campaign
  51. Take part in a local art project
  52. Have a piece of my artwork hung in a gallery
  53. Remain silent for 24 hours in meditation
  54. Spend the night in a Buddhist temple and pray with monks before sunrise
  55. Drop below 15% body fat
  56. Explore a less travelled island
  57. Smoke a home grown strain with a local in Amsterdam
  58. Attend a music festival outside of the United States
  59. Learn to salsa dance
  60. Sit on a blue dome in Santorini
  61. Ride in a plane with no engine
  62. Go wing suiting
  63. Take a motorcycle ride on the beach
  64. Go skinny dipping in a natural body of water
  65. Dance in the rain
  66. Go mud sliding down a hill
  67. Sand surf the dunes in a desert
  68. Sleep with the bedouins
  69. Ride a camel
  70. Get caught on the flying trapeze
  71. Do a trick in a half pipe
  72. Complete a jump horse back riding
  73. Watch a volcano erupt
  74. Explore a lava tube
  75. Take part in a true urban spelunking expedition
  76. Visit Plitvice national park
  77. Conceptualize and create a technology application
  78. Commit to a life partner
  79. Donate half of my earnings to charity
  80. Create the curriculum for a children’s art class
  81. Build homes for others in need
  82. Take part in the interior design of a commercial or residential space
  83. Spend time in a small village with no power or running water
  84. Get a photograph I have taken in national geographic
  85. Have a Flickr photo with more than 1,000 views
  86. Live without a car for many years
  87. Travel the world with a 40 liter backpack
  88. Give something I love to someone in need
  89. Take part in an incubator
  90. Do a Ted Talk
  91. Have a website that ranks top 100,000 in the world
  92. Go without cable television for 5 years
  93. Zip line above the tree tops
  94. See a musical on Broadway
  95. Visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum
  96. Cross Charlie’s checkpoint in Berlin
  97. Eat gelato on a cobblestone street in Italy
  98. See a glacier in the Patagonia
  99. Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia
  100. Hike the Tianzi Mountains – as seen in Avatar

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