Modeling in Hongdae, South Korea

I was dumb enough to take off on our world journey with long curly hair, I hated it, it was hard to maintain. It was evident that I was well over a month past due for a haircut. “I won’t cut my hair in South Korea,” I told Danielle, “these Asians don’t know how to cut white people hair.” Well, I was wrong.

One day Danielle and I decided to grab dinner at a cute Indian place we’d found on TripAdvisor. It was only 2 blocks from where we were staying and we decided to check it out. On our way up the stairs we noticed a trendy hair salon with hip Koreans cutting hair. “I’d like to try this place out,” I mentioned to Danielle.

Two days later we decided we were in the mood for Jyoti’s Indian food again. This time on my way upstairs I asked how much a haircut would be, it was only $16 so I decided, “why not?”

When we finished lunch I came downstairs for a haircut. The guy looked at me and smiled, then had a Korean girl wash my hair, then came over and started cutting my hair. The service was nice but half way through the guy was so happy with the good job he was doing he asked, “when we finish, can I take a picture?” I smiled and said “sure.”

Next thing I know we’re finished and he gets my hair washed again, then puts some product in it and starts taking pictures. He then asks me to follow him outside and take more pictures. When we come back in he shows me an ad for the salon and says, may we use your picture for an ad. “Sure, why not”, I tell him.

He promised to send me the ad by email, but after I left I never heard from him again. Glad I got to do a bit of modeling in Korea. 🙂

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