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How to Communicate Across the World

How to communicate with people back home without breaking the bank


How to Communicate Across the World for little or no money…

With the rise of diversified communication technologies, we now have so many options to communicate it can become overwhelming.

In terms of development, communication is certainly an over saturated market. For developers, that may be of concern, but for the rest of us, it simply means we have a pleather of ways to communicate to our loved ones for little to no cost.

Ok then, of what’s out there, what are the best options?

This depends entirely on what you are traveling with.

If you have a smartphone in hand your best communication companions are:

1. iMessage/FaceTime (iPhone users only – this works over wifi for video calls and text. Even if you’ve put your mobile service on hold, iMessage/FaceTime work as if you’re line is active). This is entirely free, but only works within the Mac product family.

2. Google Hangout – you can grab a google voice number and video call/voice call/text in app (except for within China where Google products are blocked outside of Hong Kong). When is it free and when paid? Link to – how to get a google voice number.

3. What’s App – Download App for your mobile device

4. Viber – Both Desktop and Mobile App available

5. Wechat – Both Desktop and Mobile App available

6. Skype – Both Desktop and Mobile App available

7. LINE – Both Desktop and Mobile App available

We use iMessage/Facetime daily for sending texts and face to face calls. I’d say we use all the apps at least once per week, if one doesn’t work we try something else.


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