Jewish Community in China

While I imagine there are communities for every race and religion in Shanghai, David and I are Jewish, so we sought out the tribe for Shabbat dinner Friday night in the city. I was beyond impressed. Not only is the community alive and growing, but it is so open and inviting, we couldn’t have felt more at home. Shabbat dinner was well organized, hosted at a beautiful hotel, the Renaissance, and boasted an impressive dinner/speaker. The food was fantastic, the company was diverse and interesting, and the speaker was a highly intelligent oncologist who presented excellent findings on genetic linkage for specific types of cancer within the Jewish population. I was all and all so happy with the night that it made me sad to think I’d soon leave the city 🙁

The Jewish organization, Kehilat Shanghai is growing by the day.  Hadas Haham is a main coordinator and one I would recommend connecting with, she is very nice and accommodating! They host Shabbat dinner, high holiday gatherings, and a variety of activities/tours in and around Shanghai. In fact we may meet up with them again on our tour of the Silk Road, they will be visiting one of the towns most frequented by the Jewish community historically. Should be a very cool experience!

If you too are Jewish, you should hook up with Kehilat while in Shanghai – and if not, take a minute to look into whatever organization it is you may be interested in, odds are, it exists. Odds also are that they’ll be open and inviting – and that you’ll meet some cool people and have a great time 🙂

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