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Keeping Devices Charged – Travel Hack

Making sure your devices are charged throughout the duration of your travels is something that is often overlooked. People often forget to bring the right converters, or to keep their devices charged. Here are some of our tips to make sure you’re prepping the right way!

  1. Ensure you have a proper universal converter  – this is a converter that should work in any country
  2. If you are bringing several devices, buy a small power strip.  The best one I’ve found can be purchased here – it is small enough to pack, is protected, features 3 outlets and 2 USB slots for charging.
  3. Turn airplane mode on while you are not using the internet on your phone – this will extend your battery life dramatically.
  4. Pro Tip: Turn airplane mode on while you put your phone to charge – it will charge much faster.
  5. If your phone is still not lasting long enough, buy yourself a charging case – when your phone starts running out of juice it will bring it back to 100% throughout the day.  A great version for iPhone5 can be seen here.
  6. If you need to charge things up on the go (anything that charges via USB) – buy a small charging pack.  The one that I’ve used for years can be found here.
  7. If you are bringing a camera, order yourself extra batteries, it’s worth it.
  8. Anytime you have power, act like it’s your last.  In many countries you may lose power unexpectedly, so you are always better off charging things whenever you have the chance.
  9. Make sure you’re charging all your devices before long train or bus rides, you don’t want your devices to fail you when you need them most.
  10. Keep your cords in an organizer so that things can easily be found. The one we use can be found here.


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