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Korean Shower Scene

It’s rare to find an American style shower in South Korea.  

Most bathrooms have a shower head – either affixed to the wall or connected to the sink, with no shower enclosure or curtain. The bathrooms are often solid tile floor to ceiling with a drain in the floor that should essentially take all the shower water out.

Now let me tell you, this works very well in theory and may even work with the right bathroom design.  The problem you’ll encounter, as I’m sure you’re thinking now – is the overspray.  Even the most careful showerer is bound to accidentally spray the other items in the bathroom.  A lot of the time, the shower head will even be connected to the sink, so the water will toggle between the faucet and the shower head.

This toggle can be dangerous if the water doesn’t get toggled back to the right source and the next bathroom user turns the water on.  I already made that mistake – and poor David gave himself a shower in his clothes (by accident!).  So just be careful, point the shower head down at all times, and remove belongings that shouldn’t get wet prior to hosing down!

Perhaps to make up for these showers, you will find that all bathrooms are equipped with fancy toilet seats.  These seats will warm your gushy, blow dry, wash and even play you music.  They are quite popular and even used in public restrooms across major cities.  Be as adventurous as you like with the settings – there are many functions!

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