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Packing for Travel – DNM List

Packing for Travel DNM List for those that want to travel light for extended periods of time – each item has a link to the item we recommend to purchase.  Many of the items below apply to all, some may be more backpacker style…

  1. a manageable backpack that opens on the front side – buy (men) (women)
  2. quick dry towel (most hostels provide sheets and towels may be available for rent or not at all) – Get it on
  3. converter (buy a universal) – Get it on
  4. power strip with USB ports (to plug into converter and charge multiple things simultaneously) – Get it on
  5. travel camera – I suggest the Panasonic Lumix – Get it on
  6. SD cards & extra battery – Get it on
  7. gorilla pod (for shooting in low light) – Get it on
  8. lowpro if you’re looking for a good camera/day bag – Get it on
  9. clothing and cord organizers (if you’re OCD like me 🙂 – Get it on (clothing) Get it on (cords)
  10. laundry and/or shampoo sheets – Get it on
  11. travel umbrella – Get it on
  12. versatile walking shoes that come on and off easily (you’ll need to take them off quite often) – buying options are wide open here, but many people swear by Keens.
  13. water proof wrist watch (preferably one that shows military time as well since all transport is shown that way) – Get it on
  14. alarm clock if your watch and/or phone does not have one – Get it on
  15. water purification tablets (depending on access to clean water) – Get it on
  16. deet wipes or spray (to avoid malarial Mosquitos) – Get it on
  17. small reusable grocery bag (for laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) – Get it on
  18. travel tissue packs, wipes and hand sanitizer – Get it on
  19. passport case (Passports get banged up easily without one) – Get it on
  20. a non-ballpoint click pen – forms to fill out often, comes in handy – Get them on
  21. a debit/credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction or ATM fees (Charles schwab) – read about options here

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