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Seoul Culture Tips

You’ll notice pretty quickly that those who reside in Seoul are law abiding citizens.

  • There is no j-walking
  • The entire city is incredibly safe and women can feel comfortable being alone at any hour of the night.
  • Service in restaurants is not what you find in America – everyone is very polite still, but they don’t dote on you, and/or come by countless times to check your water glass.  In fact many a time, I actually grabbed the pitcher myself after waiting patiently for 10 minutes or so.
  • No tipping. Whether or not the service is in relation to payment, I am still not sure – but there is absolutely no tipping here.  I left $1 US on the table once and was literally followed out by the staff who thought I left it behind on accident and wanted to return my bill.  Same goes in taxi cabs – there is no tipping.
  • Taxis have a strict meter system, no haggling and no tipping.  Do be careful though, there are orange and gold/silver cabs which are normal and then there are black cabs which are nearly double the price.  I am told the interior of the black cars are a slight upgrade, but almost un-noticeable.
  • Over 90% of the cars owned by non-taxi drivers are black, silver, white or gold.
  • There is extreme conformity in South Korea and once you know to look for it, it will become very obvious.

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