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What to see…. What to eat… In Egypt

Let’s start by saying that we were adventurous enough to travel to Egypt not long after the revolution… Although it’s been a year since the revolution, there’s still turmoil and visiting during the anniversary of this revolution certainly showcased this fact… Some “amateur” bombs went off while we were there to mark the 1 year anniversary of the second revolution on July 3, 2013. Well we’ve lived to tell, and give you some pointers on what to see when you have your chance to visit this beautiful land, know that you need to take some safety precautions when visiting this spectacular country.

Egypt is unreal – it’s unlike anywhere else in the world you’ve ever been, because so much ancient history is well preserved – Go there to learn about pharaohs and get a feel for how people lived, how much work was put into making the ancient art, and get a taste of what Egypt is like today – It’s a place of amazing sites and structures, with lots of outdoor museums.  Some of the most incredible sites you’ve ever seen – much like Rome, but with underground additions and hieroglyphics beautifully carved into every column.

Keep in mind that after the Egyptian revolutions it is considered a dangerous place for travel, nevertheless we went there, and we promise it’s not that bad. We’d even say we picked the best time to visit, prices are down, people are extremely hospitable and friendly, and best of all, the sites are empty. We were practically the only people looking at the pyramids (Good time to visit?) it was easy to get amazing pictures and learn a fair amount about the history of the nation since there are more guides to tell the stories than actual tourists.

Egypt – What everyone who makes it to Egypt must see (on a short trip – there’s more if you have the time)

  1. In Cairo 
    1. Pyramids of Giza – there were 138 pyramids found in Egypt
    2. Sphinx – Located by the great pyramids of Giza
    3. Egyptian Museum
  2. In Luxor – 4000 year old open air museums
    1. Karnak Temple
    2. Hatshepsut Temple
    3. Valley of the Kings

Food Suggestions – Must eat:

  1. Toum – Our favorite thing of Egyptian Cuisine- Garlic Sauce/Spread – Recipe
  2. Baba Ghannoug – common Middle Eastern Eggplant based spread – Recipe
  3. Tahini – spread (paste) made out of sesame – major component of Baba Ghannoug and Hummus – Recipe
  4. Shakshouka – Tunisian Dish, commonly found in Egypt – Fried Eggs in a tomato sauce – Recipe
  5. Kofta – Meatloaf, usually made from lamb, beef mutton, or Chicken
  6. Kebab – meat on a skewer