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Using Viber to Book Travel – Innovation Abroad

Coming from Silicon Valley, I’ve always been of the mindset that America is ahead of the curve with both the creation and use of technology applications. My assumption may or may not be correct, but I can say with certainty that I’ve been very impressed with several of the applications I’ve had the opportunity¬†to utilize during my time in Asia. In addition to the availability of advanced applications, the usage and broad range of capabilities have greatly improved my time traveling. I’ve been able to book trips, hotels, transport on the go in even the remotest of locations.

Trip and travel booking in general can be both cumbersome and difficult when utilizing the more traditional methods. Waiting to hear back from agents via phone and even email can be frustrating at times – especially when policies dictate a 24 hour turn around time. Sometimes when you are planning on the fly, you need to make things happen quickly and may not have access to the traditional phone system.

In comes Viber, a leading communication app that allows you to call or text in app any other Viber user at no cost.

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