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Silk Road and Northern China – DNM List

If you’re traveling across Northern China and want to see some things on the Silk Road here are our favorites.
  1. Beijing – There’s lots to do in the capital of China from expat hangouts to tourist sites like Tianamen Square. It’s the closest city to the Great Wall.
  2. Datong – Datong has 2 amazing sites that are must sees if you’re on the Silk Road: The hanging monastery, and the grottoes.
  3. Xi’an – A cool city famous for their Muslim Markets. Close by is the famous Terra Cotta Warrior Site.
  4. Huayin (Huashan) – Only about 75 Miles from Xi’an – This is where the infamous Mount Huashan (Most Dangerous Hike in the World) is located.
  5. Zhangye – Famous for the Rainbow Mountains. Little to see in Zhangye outside the Rainbow Mountains.



Mount Huashan – Is the Death Toll Real?

As scary as it seems, the first time I saw this hike at Mount Huashan featured in a YouTube video, I immediately added it to my bucket list.  Plankwalk in the Sky is the exact hike on the mountain that we are talking about here.  Mount Huashan has 5 peaks, but none offer the danger and thrill of the infamous Plankwalk.  It is rumored to be the most dangerous hike in the world and I was determined to conquer it for myself!

This may not be something everyone is interested in doing, but if you are up for a little adventure, this will not let you down. I like living life on the wild side from time to time and while the photos and videos looked terrifying, I was excited to finally experience the Plankwalk!

David and I arrived in Huayin (the town at the foot of the mountain) the night before our hike and got our plans in order.  We did not take the 6 hour stair route up the mountain, but rather opted for the new West Cable Car (140 RMB/pp each way, $22 or 100 RMB/pp with student car, $16).  Once you get on the mountain itself there are 4-6 hours of hiking, so unless you want to hike 12-18 hours, cable car is likely your best bet. If you are set on hiking up, around and then down, take a look at our listed tips for a few suggestions…

Now for the real deal on the PLANKWALK IN THE SKY.  Why do people call this the most dangerous hike in the world??  And is it?

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