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Tour Companies Can Make or Break a Trip

If you opt for a tour on your next trip, the company you choose could make or break it.

My close family and friends have heard me rave by now about my time in Egypt. I thought is was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. So incredible that I would choose to go back there over almost any of the 70 countries I’ve been to.

Since my time there dozens of people have asked me what my favorite travel spots are. Whenever I place Egypt on my list the response has been – oh really? They’ve always known someone that visited and didn’t have the same experience.

David and I got to thinking and while we knew the tour group we selected was excellent – we didn’t realize it could literally make or break your trip. Our itinerary was so well put together and we were treated with such care and respect (like royalty) during our entire stay. Our tour leaders literally bent over backwards for us and educated us on the sites in such a captivating manner.  We felt so welcomed in the country that I couldn’t possibly imagine anything else.

All that being said – I guess I will continue to describe my experience in Egypt to others and at the same time suggest they select Memphis Tours as their operator. No matter what your interests in Egypt, they will make your stay nothing short of spectacular. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve ever experienced and their tour guides/leaders are so knowledgable, you will have a much deeper appreciation for everything you see while you’re there. You will leave Egypt feeling the way I do, that every sight is a masterpiece and that there is so much to see, you’ll already look forward to another visit.

Outside of Egypt a tour company that I can recommend across the world with both their passion for sharing knowledge and leaving a minimal footprint on the environment is Intrepid Travel.  They operate all around the world and have a wide range of tour options to accommodate every interest and budget (just about).  I’ve been on a few overland safari tours with them in Africa and would go again in a heartbeat.

If for some reason these two options don’t offer something in the country you are interested in – check out Tour Radar, they aggregate all the tours along with reviews/ratings to help you make a sound decision.

As always – best of luck on your journey 🙂


Using Viber to Book Travel – Innovation Abroad

Coming from Silicon Valley, I’ve always been of the mindset that America is ahead of the curve with both the creation and use of technology applications. My assumption may or may not be correct, but I can say with certainty that I’ve been very impressed with several of the applications I’ve had the opportunity to utilize during my time in Asia. In addition to the availability of advanced applications, the usage and broad range of capabilities have greatly improved my time traveling. I’ve been able to book trips, hotels, transport on the go in even the remotest of locations.

Trip and travel booking in general can be both cumbersome and difficult when utilizing the more traditional methods. Waiting to hear back from agents via phone and even email can be frustrating at times – especially when policies dictate a 24 hour turn around time. Sometimes when you are planning on the fly, you need to make things happen quickly and may not have access to the traditional phone system.

In comes Viber, a leading communication app that allows you to call or text in app any other Viber user at no cost.

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