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Best things to see in Thailand – DNML

Thailand is a common tourist destination. You’re likely to run into many foreigners while visiting Thailand. We decided to compile a short list of the best things to see in Thailand.

Thailand is famous for its great natural beauty, with stunning beaches, amazing animals and beautiful historic sites/artifacts.

Here’s a list of things you must see if you’re making the trip to Thailand.
  1. Tigers – There’s a “Tiger Temple” near Chiang Mai where you can go and pet big friendly tigers. You’re put in a cage with them and you have the opportunity to pet and play with them… if you dare.
  2. Elephant Riding – There are many excursions from Chiang Mai that include elephant rides, you can even go to elephant school and train an elephant.
  3. Ayutthayah – Ayutthayah is a small city outside of Bangkok with tons of ancient temples and temple ruins. It’s fascinating to see some of the ways the old civilizations had lived and kept their temples as the most important thing in the city.
  4. Bangkok – A city not to be missed, and one you probably will not miss since most international flights will try to take you through Bangkok. While among international travelers Bangkok has a bit of a bad rep. it’s not a bad city at all. It’s inexpensive, with lots of places to eat full meals for less than $2 or $3. People in Bangkok are friendly and helpful. The city is a bit big and can be overwhelming. Try a Tuk Tuk ride to take you around and just explore the city.
  5. Chiang Mai – A beautiful village style city which is also not expensive, and gives you access to many of Thailand’s great sites, wilderness and attractions like the Tigers or Elephant rides.
  6. Cooking Class – We took a wonderful cooking class that taught us how to make 4 different Thai dishes (each). The food in Thailand is delicious and the class was a lot of fun. It was called Asia Scenic cooking class (Chiang Mai).
  7. At least one beach (Krabi) – If you’ve made it to Thailand, even if you’re not there for the beaches, it would be a shame not to see what all the rage is about. The beaches in Thailand are famous for their beauty, although now a day they may be a bit over crowded… We’d recommend, at the very least making it to Krabi (2hours south of Bangkok and still on the mainland.)
This list is short, but includes some of the highlights. Hope you find it helpful in planning your adventures!

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  • Reply Layne March 9, 2018 at 5:57 am

    I just traveled to Chiang Mai and I would like to make a couple of comments to your list. First, I would add that eating authentic Thai food should be on this list. It’s fantastic from the street vendors and very affordable. Also don’t miss out on the smoothies! Second, I would include massages. The quality may vary, but at <$10/hr you can afford to try many different parlors. Third, the adventures in Chiang Mai should definitely be on your list – we went kayaking (Class I to Class IV), ziplining, mountain and road biking, and trekking. All guided trips were less than half the cost of a similar trip in the US, and all the more beautiful in the Thai jungle 🙂

    • Reply admin August 14, 2018 at 6:38 pm

      Agreed Layne! Thanks for sharing your suggestions – readers – please keep in mind the risk you run by drinking the smoothies on the street – get all the required shots before taking on the adventure or your gut may be paying for it big time after the fact! Adventures north of the city are absolutely fantastic – we went white water rafting 🙂 and you meet lots of new friends when taking part in the day trips!

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