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How to: See the World and Make Money While Abroad

Sara Nagie 
September 14th

Your life no longer needs to be a 9 to 5. With today’s technology, it’s not a matter of money but passion. At Unboundly, we believe with a will, there’s a way. We created this article to help you make your way around the world!

All you need to do is, know your resources. Lucky for you, we’re sharing some of our favorites here.


Option #1: The Do Nothing and Make Money

You’ve packed your bags, gotten on the plane, what’s left behind? An apartment, a room, a car? Things you won’t be using until you get home. Here’s a trick, rent out what you’re not using. Airbnb is no secret, what about Airbnb for your car?


Step 1. Check out Turo or Getaround

Step 2. Create a free listing

Step 3. Describe your car

Step 4. Upload some clean photos

Step 5. Make money!


Option #2: Making Dough During Layovers

You’re between destinations with nothing to do. How about make some money? It’s time to ask yourself how you feel about Fidget Spinners. An easy way to make a quick buck is to surf the web, test products and get paid. Thats right, corporate will pay for your opinion!

Step 1. Check out UserTesting

Step 2. Visit a website or app

Step 3. Complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud

Step 4. Get paid $10 for each completed job (usually 5-10 mins)


Option #3: Skills and Zero Bills

It’s been awhile since you’ve called one place home and you like it that way. You’re a nomad and you like the freedom to do what you love wherever and whenever. Why not have a nomadic career? If you’re in need of small jobs, large jobs or you want a fixed price or hourly terms check out Freelancer or Upwork. Sites like these give you flexible jobs from your laptop anywhere in the world. Make/edit a website, designs, or create content with a killer view!

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1. Create your profile

Step 2. Name your price.


Step 3. Meet Clients – Send and Receive Tasks and Files

Step 4. Share Feedback in Real Time

Step 5. Simplified Global Payments (Get Paid anywhere in the world)

Step 6. Earn Money to fund your life

Don’t forget: The cost of living abroad is usually a fraction of what it costs to live in the US!





Bottom line here: you’re FREE! You don’t need to be tied to the desk.


Your office can be wherever you want it to be. All you need to do is know yourself, your skills and have a map handy!

Option #3: Be an entrepreneur and make money from your travels – take control of your wealth

Step 1. Get a drone and a nice camera. These are both perfect for travel:

Drone: The Mavic is awesome.

Camera: The Cannon Rebel T6 is very powerful, and lightweight

Step 2. Watch a few photography lessons on YouTube to get great footage.

Aerial Photography (Free Lesson)

Still Landscape Phorography (Free Lesson)

Step 3. Travel to beautiful places and shoot

Step 4. Launch a YouTube Channel, get paid for people to watch it and license your photos


At Unboundly, we view travel is a powerful medium for experience, learning and connection.


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Quick Tip: Understanding how to live the 4 Hour Work Week (Author Credit: Tim Ferris)  – Pick up the book


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