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Israel is a very small country jam-packed with a lot of history. To those of you who have heard of the Bible, a majority of the Old Testament takes place in or around Israel…Modern Day Israel still has some of the beautiful parts from Ancient Israel. Here’s our list of things you must see when you’re visiting the holy land. Also, make sure to try the cuisine, it’s some of the best in the world. Babaganoush, Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma, Tahina, just to name a few.

1. Jerusalem – An older city with a modern twist – See how the european influences of rebuilding Jerusalem helped this city modernize, without losing its historic feel.
2. Old City of Jerusalem – Visit: The Muslim quarters, the Jewish quarter, and the Armenian (Christian Quarter) See how all three religions coexist independently in the holiest city in the world. Visit the Wailing Wall – which is considered by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths to be the holiest point on earth.
3. Haifa – Baha’i Gardens – Beautiful gardens in the North of Israel, known as the world center of the Baha’i faith. It is owned and operated by the Baha’i community and Baha’i temple of Israel.
4. Dead Sea – You’ve probably seen Dead Sea skin products in the mall, the largest distributor is Ahava, products are even available online for purchase here. When you visit the dead sea, you lather your body in mud – let it dry out in the sun – and then emerge yourself in the water to feel the mud melt away, only to leave behind the silkiest version of your skin you’ve ever felt.  Take a swim in a sea that’s so dense you float, literally – the stones along the floor are actually salt crystals.  Do be careful though – you don’t want this water to get in any opening on your body (especially not your eyes), because the high salt content will cause a burning sensation.
5. Mount Masada – Ancient Archaeological site atop a mountain. It was a fortress that was built, and then conquered by the Roman empire.  The mountain is beautiful, located in the Negev desert, you will want to hike early to beat the heat, we recommend 5-6am as the optimal departure time for the hike.
6. Tel Aviv – Modern city and the biggest city in Israel. A fun night life, young crowd, feels like New York’s SOHO but in the Middle East and on the Mediterranean.
7. Jaffa – The old city in Southern Tel Aviv. Jaffa (Yaffa) was the port city that Tel Aviv was built from.  There is much to see in Jaffa, and you can rent bikes at any of the bike stands in the city to get there.  Bikes only cost 23 sheckles for the day (weekdays), which is currently the equivalent of $8.  The best hummus in the country is made by Abu Hassan (otherwise known as Ali Karavan) – which has three locations, one on Ha-Dolfin Street and two on Shivtei Israel near Yehuda Hayamit St.

Here’s a list of mobile apps recommended for use in Tel Aviv.

Scott Gibney’s recommendations in Israel:

1. Relaxation Pools

2. An amazing Israeli winery in Negev

3. A fun pub in Tel Aviv, near Ramat Gan

Thanks for the recommendations and support, Scott.

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