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Zhongguancun – Beijing’s Electronics City

On Thursday afternoon we set out to find DJ equipment. We were eager to see what Beijing had to offer for electronics and we decided to head to what the internet had called “electronics city”.

Taking a cab into the Zhongguancun neighborhood of Beijing was a bad idea. There was tons of traffic leading up to the giant buildings and we decided to get out and walk. As we came up to the area we could see 300 foot LED TV screen billboards that showed ads. We were quite impressed with the technology used, but we had no idea what we were about to walk into.

Entering the first building we were attacked by various vendors trying to pull us into their stores. Quickly we knew we were about to be in another “fake market” like we had found in Shanghai. As we wandered the 10 floor shopping city we were shocked that there were hundreds of thousands of knock off electronics for sale. None of them had the DJ gear I had come in search of. The place was mostly online electronics dealers shipping things from China.

It was overwhelming but a sight worth seeing. There were multiple shopping centers of many floors that were selling electronics and electronic components. I felt like we were walking through a factory. Nobody spoke English. Everybody was focused on their tasks at hand. Kids were playing in the isles while their parents worked.

Electronics cities of Beijing are a real thing. They are bustling malls full of online resellers and electronics forgers who were trying to make a living as electronics distributors.

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